To God’s People - our Family & Friends in Christ at East Whittier Presbyterian Church,

These are tough and even unprecedented times. It’s been over a century since the world experienced a pandemic like Covid-19, and I know of no time in history in which whole nations, communities, and economies have shut down intentionally in response.

My fear, and our fear as a church, is that people would come to worship God and leave with an illness that has the potential to be life-threatening.

For this reason, after much prayer and discussion with both our leaders and our congregation members on Sunday, our Elders have decided to suspend both worship activities and meeting times for the time being. I would like to hope that we can gather together again on Easter Sunday, but even as I say that, I understand that it may not be possible. These events are happening with shocking speed, and we have to be able to be flexible and to adapt to events as they happen.

This does not mean, of course, that we cease to exist as a church - as a community of faith. Our God continues, and so do we. Our faith continues, and so can our fellowship.

With that in mind, here are our plans…

For each Sunday, we will post a YouTube video, which will include many of the same elements that we would find in our traditional worship time. This will be posted on our website at as well as on our Facebook page. I would encourage you to watch this together with your families, perhaps even at our traditional 10:30 AM Sunday Morning Worship time. It will, however, be available to you at any time, as suits your schedule. Further, I encourage you to do more than simply watch this video in the way that you might watch a movie. Instead, use this as a tool for personal and family worship.

In addition, I would refer you to the worship at one of our sister churches up in La Cañada - the La Cañada Presbyterian Church. They have the technology to broadcast their worship services online as a live-stream. This is available in three different formats.


I would also encourage you to call one another, to write and text and email and talk with one another. In that way, even though we’re separated from one another physically, we can still be close. We can support each other and maintain our strong fellowship, encouraging one another through this difficult time.

And, of course I would ask for your prayers, for one another, for your church, for your nation, for your church’s staff, for me, for all those who are out of work at this time, for those who are ill, for those who will be grieving losses… Please pray, deeply and often.

The Church Office will be open in the mornings from 10:00 - 12:00. And I will be around the office most afternoons. In this way, even though our various programs and ministries are on hiatus, we will still have the church as a point of contact. And I am always available by phone. (Cell = 562-298-8148)

In addition, I would ask and hope and pray that you will continue to support your church financially. This can be done through PayPal on our website, through checks in the mail, or even by brief visits to the office when we’re open. God’s work is still happening at East Whittier Presbyterian Church. And also, honestly, we still have bills.

This will not be forever. No epidemic lasts forever, and this one will come to a conclusion as well. But we are, even in a time like this, please know that you (and all of us) are in God’s hands - just as we have always been. And God is faithful.

I love you all, and I look forward to that time in which we can worship the Lord together again.

In Christ and on behalf of the Session of East Whittier Presbyterian Church,



Rev. Jeff W. Rumble


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