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Happy Birthday to all those born in November:
Michele Barnett, Louene Fox, Wilbur Halley, R. Murphy, Adrienne Pennington, David Prickett, Rebecca Prosser, Susan Sones, Merideth Travis, Margaret Hagstrom, Daniel Garcia, Stacey Huff and Myra Calderon.

Please join us at 10:30 AM for Sunday Worship Service

The Sermon for Sunday, November 23 is "When Christ Rules"

Old Testament Lesson - Ezekiel 34: 17-22

New Testament Lesson - Matthew 25: 31-46

Join our Youth Group
An open invitation is extended to all youth in our neighborhood. Please join us on Sunday mornings as we worship the Lord. We then meet on Sunday evenings from 4-6pm upstairs in room 7 in the Education Building at East Whittier Presbyterian Church. This past year we have combined service projects, Bible studies and fun games and activities. We've learned to be cheerful givers and to help others. We have learned the different qualities of Jesus and explored the basics of Christianity. On November 23 we are going ice skating. please call the church office for details and JOIN US! 562-698-9948.

Join Us At The Following Events
BE SURE TO CALENDAR Tuesday, December 2 at 6:00 pm for Hanging of the Greens. There are lots of decorations that need to be put up in preparing for the coming of Christ. The Hanging of the Greens activity makes our church ready and our hearts ready for God's only Son Jesus' birthday. The hanging of the Greens is to honor Jesus' birth as we are renewing this special season of Advent.Friday, December 7 at 6:30 pm is Movie Night. We'll be showing "Polar Express" and we are expecting a special guest from the North Pole. Join us and bring friends.

Annual Christmas Potluck Dinner
Our 4th annual Christmas Potluck will be held Sunday, December 7th at 5:30 pm in Purdy Hall. Watch for sign up sheets after worship toward the end of this month. All are welcome. Call the church office for more information. 562-698-9948.

This Is For You and It's FREE...
Are you looking for a way to connect with the real God?
Are you looking for Bible study that invites you to use your brain?
Are you looking for a family of faith that will care for you and pray for you?

The Bridge Christian Fellowship may be just what you're looking for. Our worship time is simple, yet up to date. Our Bible study looks beyond those answers that seem "too easy" to consider what the original authors wanted to say to the people of their own day and why. In this way we can get a better handle on what God wants to say to us today. Our prayer time addresses whatever needs we bring. We pray for each other, and we pray for those concerns that are on our hearts.

Feel free to come as you are. Shorts and T-shirts are every bit as welcome as shirts and ties. Feel free to bring kids. We will have childcare available. Come ready to speak up, if you'd like to, as we value each other's thoughts and opinions. Especially bring an open heart, for you'll have a chance to encounter the real God and you'll meet some pretty terrific people as well.

The Bridge meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM in the main followship room (Purdy Hall) at East Whittier Presbyterian Church. We usually finish around 8:45 PM. The church is located on Second Street between Strub and Michigan. The address is 14061 Second Street. Please call the church office if you have questions. 562-698-9948.

Newspaper Recycling
We are appreciative to all those members and friends who bring their newspapers to our shed in the parking lot. This is an easy way to earn money for our church.

We do have a few gentle reminders: We recycle newspapers only. Not slick magazines (hard to pulp for recycling) paper towel and toilet paper rolls or cereal boxes and other cardboard items and certainly not used tissues.(Please click here for more information)

Do You Know?
Presbyterian Women do an amazing amount of good with the money they generate. We make donations to: Church Women United, Bell Gardens Human Services, Hunger Fund, Lease Coin, Mary Magdalene, Women's and Children's Crisis Center and Cold Weather Shelter.
Our annual pledge to Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery goes to health missions. We buy personal care items for local homeless, flannel cloth for baby blankets that we send to Africa, we make little dresses for African girls and we pay postage to deliver the blankets and dresses. We coordinate the fall drives for Bell Gardens Seniors, school supplies for the Women's and Children's Crisis Center, baby items for Project Angel and sale of Christmas items for Mary Magdalene Project. In addition to all of this we help church women to attend Presbyterian Leadership Training. When you attend an event we sponsor, you are helping us to do all of these worthwhile efforts. Thank you for supporting the projects of this church's Presbyterian Women.

Our church exists to participate in and share the Good News of Christ's love and redemption with each other and with the community. Therefore we will: Strengthen programs that attract and retain children, youth and adults. Welcoming all persons, while maintaining the reformed tradition. Empower the leadership and membership, through training, education and support to assertively share the Good News with the community. Offer programs, education and fellowship opportunities to prospective and continuing members to promote understanding of the Bible, prayer, and Presbyterian heritage and beliefs. Join together through proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, prayer and inward reflection in the celebration of divine worship.


Tuesday, Nov 25

Church School Closed

PWC/CT meeting, library
At 9:00 AM

Wednesday, Nov 26

Church School Closed

Boy Scout Troop 841, room 9
At 7:00 PM

Thursday, Nov 27

Church Office & school Closed

Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, Nov 28

Church Office & school Closed

Saturday, Nov 29

Al Anon meeting
At 9:00 AM

Sunday, Nov 30

1st Sunday of Advent

Rev. Tom Boles preaching

Adult Study "Side by Side"
At 9:45 AM

Worship and Sunday school
At 10:30 AM

Youth Group
From 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Monday, Dec 1

Christian Education meeting
At 7:00 PM

Mission & Stewardship meeting
At 7:00 PM

Worship committee meeting
At 7:00 PM

Tuesday, Dec 2

Children's Choir
At 2:00 PM

Hanging of the Greens
At 6:30 PM

Girl Scout troop 6144, room 6
From 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Wednesday, Dec 3

At 11:30 AM

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