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Welcome to East Whittier Presbyterian Church new website!
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And thank you for visiting with us!

Happy Birthday to all those born in September:
Lori Bjork, Janie Crawford, Jodie Espen, Norman Frieze, Janet Funderburg, Howard Hawkins, M.Alan Mac Lean, Sally Nicoli, Ann Thorne, Thomas White, Destiny Nolen and Ashley Servin.

Please join us at 10:30 AM for Sunday Worship Service

The Sermon for Sunday, October 5 is "Confidence"

Old Testament Lesson - Psalm 19: 7-11

New Testament Lesson - Philippians 3: 4-14

Newspaper Recycling
We are appreciative to all those members and friends who bring their newspapers to our shed in the parking lot. This is an easy way to earn money for our church.

We do have a few gentle reminders: We recycle newspapers only. Not slick magazines (hard to pulp for recycling) paper towel and toilet paper rolls or cereal boxes and other cardboard items and certainly not used tissues.(Please click here for more information)


Tuesday, Sep 30

PWC/CT meeting, library
At 9:00 AM

At 11:30 AM

Children's Choir
At 2:00 PM

Wednesday, Oct 1

Boy Scout Troop 841, room 9
At 7:00 PM

The Bridge
At 7:00 PM

Thursday, Oct 2

Handbell Choir Rehearsal
At 6:00 PM

Chancel Choir rehearsal
At 7:00 PM

Friday, Oct 3

Girl Scout Troop 6164
From 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Saturday, Oct 4

Al Anon meeting
At 9:00 AM

Sunday, Oct 5

Communion Sunday

Adult Study "Side by Side"

At 9:45 AM

Worship and Sunday school
At 10:30 AM

Youth Group
From 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Monday, Oct 6

Christian Education meeting
At 7:00 PM

Mission & Stewardship meeting
At 7:00 PM

Worship committee meeting
At 7:00 PM

Tuesday, Oct 7

Elizabeth circle

Children's Choir
At 2:00 PM

Wednesday, Oct 8

Hannah circle
At 9:30 AM

At 11:30 AM

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