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Worship Services:
10:30 AM each Sunday
14061 East Second Street, Whittier, California 90605
(562) 698-9948
(562) 698-6099
Church School:
(562) 693-5112

Serving you in this church

Pastor : Rev. Jeff Rumble
Wedding Consultant :Lori Bjork
Administrative Assistant :Jean Curry
Staff Assistant :Rev. Thomas M. Boles
Church School Director :Sheila Fewell
Organist :Ann Geib
Youth Leader : Matt Holmberg
Music Director :Jennifer Cormack
Assistant Wedding Consultant :Joyce Reece
Staff Assistant :Wilbur "Bud" Halley
Special Interest Missionary :Sarah Holiday, Oljato, Utah
Nursery Attendant :Harriet Smith
Sunday Morning Custodian :Phillip Reece
Clerk of Session :Barbara Saunders
Handbell Choir Director :Mark Travis
Financial Secretary :Jane Warner
Head Ushers :Joel Lopez
Thomas White
Elder, 2014 :Raymond Schmidt
Michele Reilly
James Crawford
Susan Fleming
Irving Hoffman
Elder, 2015 :Ray Apodaca
Marilyn Mac Lean
Susan Bivens
Nancy Morgan
Elder 2016 :Barbara Pickard
Christine Simpson
Joyce Reece
Rev. Thomas M. Boles
Deacons Class of 2014 :Ann Thorne
Lizette Courselle
Lavina O'Hirok
Janet Miller
Eric White
Deacons-2015 :Carol Hoffman
David Gillette
Lili Hernandez
Patricia Olson
Deacon 2016 :Mary Coffee
Virginia McBride
Phillip Reece
Trustees, 2014 :Howard Hawkins
Raymond Schmidt
Lori Bjork
Trustees, 2015 :Stephen Saunders
George Reed
Trustee 2016 :Barbara Pickard
Rebecca Prosser
James Neel
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